At PK Vleisverspreiders You are Important to Us

About PK Vleisverspreiders

We love working and preparing meats (Pork, Beef, Chicken and Lamb) to deliver, to you, the perfect cuts. All our meat is as we ourselves would want it and no other way, PERFECT.

A Partner With Experience

A distributor you can rely on as an extension of your own operation, is a rare commodity. With PK Vleisverspreiders you can have a partner that has the experience to produce and distribute top quality meat products with every delivery. This is achieved primarily through its investment in client satisfaction in ensuring that each customer's order leaves the factory in the precise way in which it was ordered.

It is a fact that customers do not change their supplier without good reason. With meat suppliers the most common reason for change is inconsistency of quality and simply being told "sorry - we'll get it right next time."

At PK Vleisverspreiders we understand that this type of excuse is just not good enough. Without that vital confidence in your meat supplier, a business relationship will never last. PK Vleisverspreiders has adopted the company policy that you're only as good as your last delivery. This is why PK Vleisverspreiders has so many longstanding customers who have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the benefits of its commitment to quality and service.

Quality Control

PK Vleisverspreiders insists upon the same high quality from its suppliers as it offers to its own customers. To ensure consistency of products that satisfies their demands, only fully approved suppliers with full product traceability and all the necessary approvals are able to supply to PK Vleisverspreiders.

Only locally slaughtered meat from approved abbatoirs are distributed to our customers.

We maintain highly hygienic conditions at all times, ensuring uncontaminated products with maximum shelf life.